about me

Hey. My name is Amy, and here’s a quick list of things I’m into:

  • Roller derby
  • Weight lifting
  • Science
  • That soy stuff
  • Being extremely online
  • EDM and top-40 garbage
  • Planet Earth

I want to be a strong, fast, powerful athlete—without any help from bro foods like whey or chicken breast.

This blog offers a look into that process. I share what I’ve learned about fitness and nutrition. I debunk myths. I develop my own training plans. I experiment with my own body and write about the results.

I’m vegan (duh) and it’s “for the animals,” meaning I cannot justify the suffering that comes with eating animal products. You will notice that I eat a lot of processed foods: vital wheat gluten, veggie dogs, protein powder. Some folks get up in arms about that kind of vegan ~lifestyle~, saying that I’m sucking all the health out of the vegan diet. So I clarify: I’m not vegan for my personal health. Fact is, there are a lot of diets that can make a person healthy. I also don’t really care about eating exclusively whole foods. (Though the plastic packaging kills me.) What I care about: not participating in needless cruelty and protecting the only planet we’ve got.

What else should you know? Well, I’m a journalist at a science publication, so I’m pretty critical of health headlines, and will always link to peer-reviewed studies when making a claim about science and fitness.

Want to know more? Email me at buffwithplants@gmail.com.