Is pea protein less effective than whey?


Short answer: Probably not.

Longer answer: Hot and fresh out the proverbial kitchen is a study in the journal Sports that compares muscle growth and performance between people supplementing with pea protein powder and people supplementing with whey. The conclusion:

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High-protein vegan foods I ate this week


If there’s one question all vegans get asked, it’s: “But where do you get your protein?” Concern trolling has soured the inquiry for a lot of vegans, largely because the biological requirements for protein are, in fact, much lower than many Americans believe. Vegans know this, so they can see through the veneer of concern in their coworker’s casual question. Kevin’s pretending to care about my health only because it’s an easy vehicle for him to pick apart my values or lifestyle. (Fat people experience this a lot, too—even more so than vegans.)

But it’s a valid question! And many would-be vegans have this curiosity.

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What I ate on Day 1 of my vegan cut


^ Not a picture of me. I do not such fancy shoes.

I’m proud of my first day on the program, even though I did not do things perfectly.

For one, I totally forgot to do agility training. That’s a total of 5 extra minutes or so, so I’ll just tack it onto my Wednesday workout.

Even without agility, the workout took much longer than I expected.

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