How to get a full-body workout with an injured knee


In the first half of a roller derby scrimmage on Saturday, I was in the middle of a pile-up on the track. In the tussle, I messed up my MCL, or the ligament on the inside of my knee. If it’s torn, it’s only slightly. It’s Wednesday now, and it already feels 10,000 times better than it did on Saturday.

Of course, it probably wouldn’t have hurt that bad on Saturday if that pesky adrenaline hadn’t encouraged me to ignore it and play the second half at full-throttle. But I digress.

As much as I missed squatting yesterday, I knew skipping out on leg day was the only non-stupid thing to do. I want to give myself the opportunity to recover, and fast.

Still, two of my five gym days involve my fair use of my gams. With them out of commission, what was I supposed to do?

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What a vegan strength-training program looks like


The secret is: it’s what a non-vegan strength-training program looks like. Perhaps this blog post would be more accurately titled “What a derby player’s strength training program looks like” because that ultimately has more impact on my training program than my diet. But that’s cool. I want to rope vegans into this conversation so they know they can and should lift weights.

But first, a confession.

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